Got your shades ready?! Your gunna need them for this BLING BLING!

Got your shades ready?! Your gunna need them for this BLING BLING!

So I decided to bling out my cameo, after doing LOTS of research I decided I had many concerns, like.. what if a stone falls off with all the vibration of the cutting machine, over time, and then falls into my nearly 300 dollar machine and RUINS IT! AGHH! NOO! Or what if my very unsteady, very prone to mess up things, hands don’t line it up right and I can’t re-stick it.. I’D BE STUCK WITH IT and it would make me CRAZY! So after seeing products that TOLD me if you lift it up the stones WILL pop off, and seeing 30+ dollars as the price tag I thought, wow this is not going to happen! BUT THEN, *insert bright shining light onto my dilemma* along came The Buckle Boutique! They offered a reasonably priced self adhesive sheet of gel type gems! Which are also cuttable on the machine itself, so no worries of it jamming my machine! Also, if you pull the sheet up, they DO NOT pop off! Im in LA-LA-LA-LOVE with these sheets and plan to bling MANY more things with them and would suggest them to anybody, even if your not a scrapbooker.. you could easily and cost effective bling your make up brushes, household items (like the area around the knobs on your washer or kitchen canisters), add bling to a dollar store frame and save yourself a FOURTUNE, decorate your kids dresser fronts, laptop, tablet, base of lamp, folders, binders, scrapbook pages, and the list goes ONNNNN and ONNNNN! SO anyways, heres what I did with my cutting machine called the Cameo. And I must admit, every time I walk past it, Im tempted to hit on my machine 😉 Its just so darn cute! If you need help purchasing or want to know more or just want to know where to go to get a good deal on this amazing product you can find it at or get ahold of me and I’d be more then happy to help you! Also, tell them DESIGN TEAM MEMBER NIKI WILSON sent you 🙂 Happy Scrapping or in this case HAPPY BLINGING! Come back to Scrappingwithniki to see more of my projects with this project in the future and comment if you would like to see me bling something or have a suggestion!



October 6, 2013 · 3:24 am

6 responses to “Got your shades ready?! Your gunna need them for this BLING BLING!

  1. What a fun post, Niki! I have never thought of blinging my creative tools, but why not?! I LOVE my Cameo and think she should dress appropriately for the PartYYY i have with her when I craft. I don’t know if you saw my post about how I blinged my Husband’s Phillies baseball cap before I claimed it as my own. But that Buckle Boutique goodness made for a remarkable trip to Citizens Bank Park when the Magical Cap attracted the right kind of attention!

    Welcome to The Buckle Boutique’s Design Team. Happy blinging!

    Ellen CardMonkey

  2. Shirley

    Beautiful. I love how you blinged your machine!! Now debating on blinging mine . Really shocked you didn’t do your in the pink zebra bling though maybe I should do mine in that though

    • I totally think The Buckle Boutique should look into zebra print! After all it IS my 2nd favorite color 🙂 I would be ADD over zebra print bling! Two of my 4 kids have zebra print on on accent wall (or two) in their rooms! One is purple and zebra the other hot pink and zebra! All painted by YOURS TRUELY! I cant wait to add some bling to their rooms! And neither can they!

  3. We LOVE what you did with your Cameo Niki!

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