Tutu themed hair clip holder.. with BLING!

I totally LOVE to make my kids hair bows and things like that, which then presents the problem, well.. where do you put them all?! I mean you don’t want to tuck them away to be forgotten and you of course want to display them to show them off cause they are just to stinkin cute,  also, then when you have an outfit to match you can see them all right there instead of trying to dig thru a basket of some sort. SO this is a great way to put them on display and have them all organized and ready to wear, whether yours are store bought, boutique bought or home made 🙂 SO here it is… drum roll please…


What your going to need:

Hot glue gun, or fabric adhesive of your choice


scrap of fabric (set to fit your chip board cut out, you don’t need much at all)



BLING, from The Buckle Boutique, of course, which you can buy HERE

scissors and xacto knife

any other things you want to add, like flowers, bows, really anything, you can do SO much with this idea!


First of all you want to draw out your top to your tutu dress, I did mine of just regular notebook paper folded in half then cut, unfold and bam- you got a stencil! Lay your “stencil” over your chipboard and trace and cut. If you want to be adventurous, draw right onto your chipboard, your going to cover it up anyways 🙂





once you have the “tutu top” cut out your going to want to lay it on fabric and cut around your design, giving your self about 2 inches to fold over on the back and it does not have to be neat by any means. Then your going to use your hot glue gun (or fabric adhesive of choice) to glue the fabric to the back which will leave the front of your tutu beautifully covered with fabric





Next, you want to decide how long of a tutu you want on the dress top, I did strips about 28 inches long, (from the roll of tulle you buy at the store or online) then folded them in half and used them like that so it gave me about 14 inches of total tut length (with half the work since with one piece I was really getting 2 strips in) 

Now here’s where you have CHOICES, you can go simple and glue the strips of tulle to the back side of this, which I have done in the past and it works perfectly fine, but since I have a little 2 yr old (and we all know how that is) I found this works in case she reaches it and starts pulling on things.. I took my Xacto knife and just free handed a sloppy slit in the chipboard, I laid it on a piece of foam to cut which make is go thru much easier without messing up your table or desk that’s under neath and gives you a lil more control over the cut also.


Then I fed my tulle thru that. I also like doing it this way cause then you can really get a pattern going on and fit a lot more tulle onto the tutu, giving it a fuller more controlled look..



So I just repeated my pattern, played with colors til I got the look that I wanted! And really tried to fill it up with tulle! Its alot easier if you take a clothes pin and hang it from something so you can really see how it hangs, and really get a feel for the look.


Once I got it all in place I took a strip of chipboard and covered it in glue and glued it to the back side of the tutu top where my tulle was fed, to really secure it in there, you could also tye knots when you get it in place but I like this better cause you can slide them around and stuff and just secure them with the strip of chipboard and a glob of glue



Next I trimmed the bottom of the tulle, again, hang it up so you can see how it hangs and just give it a simple hair cut to shape it and so you don’t have any random stragglers or tulle that looks out of place

okay so now its onto the ribbon! I just glued the ribbon to the front of the tutu top at the bottom and then covered the top of where the tulle begins with another piece of ribbon, like at the waist. These ribbons are where you will clip on your hair bows! Go crazy, add as many as you want! I find anymore then 5 becomes sort of crazy when you fill it up with bows!


The rest is all just styling, you can do anything with it! I am personally in LOVE with The Buckle Boutiques adhesive backed resin rhinestone sheets! Which you can cut with scissors SUPER easily or if you have a die cut machine, it will also work in that and you can cut ANYTHING! Letter, shapes, you name it! Seriously, I use this product on EVERY thing I make these days, its uses are endless, check it out, you WON’T be disappointed, I promise!

ANYWAYS, sooo I decided I wanted to make a flower out of the rhinestone sheets so I drew out a flower (on just paper and cut it out) and traced it onto the back of the rhinestone sheets and free hand cut it out with scissors (yes it is THAT easy to cut out and work with)! I decided to make a slightly bigger flower on white paper to add behind it and stuck the rhinestone flower to it and then pushed a brad thru the center (LOVE this look!)



Then I added some other little details, like bows at the top wrapped in lil tiny strips of the rhinestones, since I has some scrap left over and I allow NONE of it to go to waste 🙂 I added some silver beaded pearl things I has laying around to the neck line of the  neck line of the tutu dress top, and added a strip of rhinestone to accent the ribbon at the waist line. And last I glued a ribbon to hang it by!







OH, and I added a flower too! Thank you for looking! I hope you will try this project too! its super fun and super basic! AND GO BUY SOME RHINESTONES AND OTHER AMAZING PRODUCTS AT THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE! You will be AMAZED at all the things you can do with this stuff!

I also have an “older child” version of a bow holder and even one for us moms too! SO maybe I will have to do a tutorial on that as well 😉 Keep coming back for more stuff! 

Go follow us Buckle Boutique design team members from the buckle boutique on the BLOG <—– click it and go follow along for amazing ideas!!

You can also find The Buckle Boutique on:

The Buckle Boutique site http://thebuckleboutique.com/

Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/TheBuckleBoutique

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Happy Crafting~ Niki the scrap princess!








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3 responses to “Tutu themed hair clip holder.. with BLING!

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  2. Cori

    This is really cute and a simple thing to make! Im always wondering what to do with Vee’s bows, she has a basket full and its a pain to dig through. this is cool Niki! great job!

    • thank you! Try it out! its SO easy! And if your not into tutus, cut her Initial and cover in fabric and put the ribbons on!! You can do SO many variations of this.. peace sign, heart, LOVE with ribbon hanging from each letter… so many options!

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