Fall Burlap Fringe Wreath.. with BLING of course!

I just have to start by saying.. I am NOT a wreath maker, in fact, have never made one in my life til this project! My mom loves wreaths and she sometimes de-stashes her sewing room and brings me goodies, so she brought me a bunch of rolls of burlap and some scrap pieces of orange and yellow burlap and I thought, fall leaves, hmmm wreath! And she ran out and got me a wreath frame cause she heard me say the word wreath and was excited to see me attempt one!  So here’s what I came up with!


What you will need:

Burlap rolls, this wreath took two but I have NO idea the length, but burlap is so versatile and you can NEVER have to much of it, I recommend buying the rolls when they are half off and have a supply of them, cause like I said, there’s no such thing as too much! And if you have left overs, let me know and I will come up with some project ideas and post a tutorial or two of what to do with your left overs 🙂

A wreath frame, any size you desire (the bigger the frame, the more burlap and ribbon you will need, so keep that in mind, also when buying your frame, remember with all the stuff on it, it WILL end up wider then the frame and bigger then you think)

pipe cleaners or rubber bands..I used rubber bands since this wreath will b kept indoors, but rubber bands do dry and snap over time, I just thought once that happens I get to take it apart and re-do it, so I went with the rubber bands 🙂

ribbon to match your color scheme, as little or as much as you would like to pull thru your wreath, I didnt use that much on this wreath cause I was using ribbon scraps and ends of rolls I had left over, but the more you add, the prettier, I think!

mason jar lids (just the outter ring, not the center for this project)

scrapbook card stock/paper (yes I used scrap paper left over from another project for this, what can I say.. I use every square inch of paper!)

letters to spell FALL or cut the letters on cardstock or chipboard with your die cutter, you could even stamp the letters right onto your paper (or whatever season or word you would like to put)

and of course, last but definetly NOT least,  strips of the Buckle Boutique Self Adhesive Bling Sheets <— click to buy!

crafters glue


My burlap was already in rolls that are about 6 inches wide, so I cut off pieces about 10 inches long and put them in a stack by color and went thru and frayed both edges by pulling a vertical strip of weaved burlap out at a time til I had about an inch of fringe



I then went and pulled my burlap under one bar of the wreath frame and back out the top and pushed it over and repeated this process on the next bar, then the next and back again the other way til I had a bunch of burlap that filled one of my hands, throwing in the occasional orange and yellow burlap in the mix, no pattern, just whenever I thought it needed it.





I then took a rubber band and just wrapped it around the bunch (that fit in the palm of my hand) to hold them tight and so I could then pull and tug on them to sort of spread them out, this also keeps them forward facing so your burlap looks nice and bunched up and not all over the place, you could also use pipe cleaners or tie knots in your burlap to attach it to the bar and keep in place

I then repeated feeding the burlap under the bars and back out (so its hugging one bar) and rubber banded a bunch, til the whole wreath was full



I then measured how long I wanted my ribbon strips to be (just by tucking it into wreath to touch the bar with my finger and then visually decided how much I wanted hanging out of the burlap, I choose a short cut but you could make them longer or skip this all together if you wanted) since I want to loop my ribbon around the wreath frame bars in various places, I cut it double the length I wanted sticking out so I could tie a knot with the ribbon once around the bar and get two strips of ribbon sticking out with just one piece. (REMEMBER: use a lighter to burn the edges of your ribbon cuts whether they are straight cuts or chevron cuts so that it doesn’t pull and fray! Be careful while doing this, you don’t need to light it on fire, just a lil heat singe will do!) I just repeated this process sticking ribbon in where ever I wanted it through out the wreath (same process as you did with the burlap strips).


I decided I wanted to use something sort of rustic on the wreath and came across mason jar lids that had a nice patina on them (age, bumps and dings, discoloration.. the more the better to me!)


I traced the mason jar onto the paper I wanted to accent with inside and used my blinged out Cameo (if you want to see my blinged out Cameo machine click here) to cut some letters to spell FALL on black paper. I then cut the traced circles out with scissors on the outside of the line I traced, so they would be just SLIGHTLY bigger then the mason jar lid lip.

Since I wanted mine to glue to the back of the mason jar lid. You could also cut on the inside of traced line so the circle would fit into mason jar lid instead of having a sort of 3D look like mine. I then put a thin bead of crafters glue on the lip of mason jar where I wanted to glue the paper to and just stuck it onto my paper circles.





No project is complete without bling! So I added strips of the self adhesive bling sheets to the edge of the mason jar lids, I did 4 rows of bling and then took the paper off the back to expose the sticky side of the bling sheets and just wrapped it around, SO easy! And WOW does it give it some glam! The bling sheets go a LONG way! If my husband would let me I would bling EVERYTHING in our house with the bling sheets from The Buckle Boutique!

Once I had all 4 mason jar letter circles done I glued them right onto a thick ribbon and tucked the ribbon into the wreath and around the bars to get the letters to sort of hang where I wanted. You could glue them in place, right onto the wreath, or glue the ribbon you attached them to into place, I left mine just tucked so I can move them whenever I want, in case I want to change the look up a lil bit. Easy on, easy off!



And there you have yourself a super fun fall wreath that almost looks like fall leaves! Doesn’t it?! After I showed my mom a picture via text message she said, “so I will be over to pick up my wreath tomorrow.. okay?” HAHA! SHE LOVED IT! And right after THAT, my mother inlaw called and says, “Oh Niki! its gorgeous! would you PLEASE make wreaths for each family within the family?! I’ll buy the supplies and pay you for your time!” That’s FIVE wreaths, in 4 weeks. How could I say no to that?! I have surgery on Dec 18th and will not be able to attend Christmas with our families as I will not be home til Christmas Eve at the earliest, so I wanted to make sure they knew I was thinking of them even tho I can not be there with my family, hubby and kids. So my mother in law and I went SHOPPING and everything was 50% off! Anyways, I’ll tell you more about those wreaths later and how its going 🙂 I think you will love this wreath too! give it a try! wreaths can be intimidating but this was fast, fun and easy and turned out so festive.. so give it a try!

ALSO! MAKE SURE YOU CHECK BACK IN with us design team members for The Buckle Boutique BLOG on November 27th 2013 for our WINTER BLOG HOP (read about it HERE)! And bring your shades cause the bling is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

What better way to prepare for sparkley snow on the ground, if you live where it snows, or to bring that sparkle to your home during the winter season if you live where it doesn’t snow.. then to bling up your life! I mean seriously… bling is NEVER out of style and will always have heads turning, it speaks every language, it comes in every color, it can be elegant and dainty, it can be funky and fun, it can be LOUD and aggressive, its your tool to make your life and surroundings more beautiful and will be a conversation starter all across the board! So head on over to The Buckle Boutiques BLOG and click FOLLOW so you NEVER miss a hop or a project! And look for the sale codes when they are offered, you simply can NOT beat it!

I hope you enjoyed my lil project and I wanted to apoligize before I hit post here, for the pictures this time, I take pictures as I’m going with my projects with my digital camera and my tablet, I use the pictures from the camera for my blog.. well… *insert sad march of doom music here* my memory card left us shortly after this project… it lived a good life, took THOUSANDS of pictures and shared my life with me for several years, it took with it MY PICTURES for this project! So I had to use the tablet pictures or re-do the project, I know some steps are missing and the pic quality could be much better but I think (and reallllly hope) you get the idea! I will miss that memory card, it had all of our special videos on it, thanks goodness 98% of them were backed up but I did lose the video of my youngest babys first steps, but a friend was recording at the same time with her phone and me with the tablet also while hubby had the camera, so while its not the best quality I still have that documented, so I’m thankful! And it is almost Thanksgiving so… I am thankful I can be thankful for such silly things like tablets and phones and external hard drive back ups 🙂 and Im thankful for all of you reading this right now! I will be replacing my memory card next trip to town! Pictures WILL be better next time! So please come back! Don’t break up with me and my blog over bad pictures! PLEASE!!! 🙂 and if you have any confusion or questions about this project just send me a reply! Or contact me on facebook! I love to teach and inspire! RIP memory card- you will not be forgotten, but replaced. We had a good run! See you on the other side my friend…

Happy crafting~ NIKI the SCRAP princess, and now wreath making, blinging machine!


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