Sock Snowman… with bling!

I know what your thinking, sock snowman? yeah, that’s what I said! LOL


so here’s what you need to make this cute lil guy:


1. a white sock and a sock to make hat, any print you would like, get creative!

2. String

3.  Some fluff

4. Googly eyes

5. Some sort of fabric to make a scarf, I used an old wrap around sash to a sweater

6. I bet you can guess what I’m gunna say next.. BLING! Which you can buy HERE from The Buckle Boutique

7. Something to make the bottom, I used a pickle jar lid, you could also use cardboard cut into a circle

8. Hot glue gun

I stuffed my snow man with one ball of fluff and tied a string under it, then stuffed a bigger ball of fluff inside under that and stuffed my jar lid under that and glue it to the inside, wrapping the edge of the sock around it on the bottom



I took this weird toe sock that had no match to it and made a hat out of it, I basically just cut and hand sewed it and tied some knots at the top to create the tip fluff balls on the hat




I then took the scarf material and wrapped it around just like you would a scarf on yourself!




I added some googley eyes, but felt like they blended in with the white sock so I added a black circle of cardstock just slightly bigger then the googly eyes to give it some pop!



Oh and the BLING of course!!! This stuff is so easy to work with and as you can see, even just a TINY bit of it can take any project from zero to HERO! The Buckle Boutique has AMAZING prices and this stuff can be used on anything! Go CHECK IT OUT!



From there, I just added a nose I made out of felt and a string I glued on for the mouth and some pom poms for the buttons on him! There’s so many other things you could do! you could use button eyes, you could give him clothes (if you are a sewer which I’m definetly  NOT! lol)  so many possibilities! Have fun with it! And here he is! SOCK SNOWMAN! How fun! 



My 9 yr old LOVED this project so much she did her own version of a sock santa!


I hope you enjoyed this and will give it a try!!!!! Be sure to check out The Buckle Boutique Blog, we have hops with amazing projects!! You won’t be disappointed! Happy crafting ya’ll! ~Niki




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3 responses to “Sock Snowman… with bling!

  1. This is just darling Niki!!! I love how you made the eyes pop!!!

  2. Debby Everett

    Niki, I love the Snowman. Did you cut the middle toes out of the sock? Really cute.

    • for the snowman body I used the “foot part” oft the sock, cutting off the “ankle” part, and for the hat I used a toe sock, but cut the toes off completly and split it down the middle and sewed the two lil kind of flaps for the hat to make it a lil more fun, I was going to use the “toes”on the sock but because it was a kid sock they were soooo tiny so I just chopped em and made my own lil flaps to sew 🙂

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