Paper Craft Easter Basket.. WITH BLING!

Every year my kids and I go outside the evening before Easter and the kids “plant” jelly beans, the next morning to their surprise.. lollipops have “grown” out of the ground from their jelly bean planting! Its SO fun to see the little kids LIGHT UP and get so super excited when they discover that the Easter Bunny has fertilized their plants and made them grow overnight into yummy lollipops!

Well anyways, when we go out to plant, each of the kids get a lil basket to carry their jelly beans in, so without further hold up.. this is this years baskets!


I bought the cut from the Silhouette store and cut it on my cameo and assembled it, so super easy and fast!



At the end I added a cute lil butter fly clip for the girls hair, and of course nothing of mine is complete without… BLING! In case you didn’t know that by now!

I hope you enjoyed the story of our lil Easter tradition and this easy project! Don’t forget to pick up your bling from The Buckle Boutique! Its so easy to work with, and I use it on EVERYTHING I do! cards, scrapbook pages, jewelry, paper crafts, house decor, literally everything!

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Happy Crafting!

~Niki the SCRAP princess



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