The 24-CARROT Treat Box (see what I did there?!)

So while I was on this MAJOR bling craft binge, a friend and I were talking and she had just made a cool 3D carrot lil treat box for Easter, and she said “ya know what would be funny, if you blinged one of these and called it a 24-carrot haha!” After I finished laughing I immediately went to the Silhouette store and bought the 3D carrot box and got to work! Here it is!


Come on guys, this is just to fun! My whole family had a good laugh on this one! This project would be awesome for say a school or church party, for the kids Easter baskets or for fun lil gifts to give at work! You could even trick your significant other and say, “I bought you BLING, 24 “carrot”, they will never know what hit them 🙂

What will you do with your BLING from The Buckle Boutique?!

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