Blinged Out Easter Treat Basket

Another awesome and SO easy cut from Silhouette! I LOVE this simple and cheap lil projects! And SO much fun to do with the kids! We made this mostly for fun, cause it was just TOO CUTE to pass up! But you could do anything with this! treats for school, just for home decor, or just for fun like us! Check it out!


Of course I could not resist adding bling to this lil bunny face! HE IS SO CUTE but the bling just brings it to a whole new level! How did I ever live without this stuff?! PHEW! I’m glad I found The Buckle Boutique! The product is like nothing I have seen before, its so versitile and easy and might I add… SPARKLY!


Go check out all the good stuff at The Buckle Boutique!

And don’t forget to follow the blog right HERE <—– CLICK ME! to never miss a sale or a project by the AMAZING design team! these ladies are out to inspire with BLING ya’ll, so prepare to have your socks knocked off and replaced with BLING BLING BLING!

Happy crafting!

~Niki the scrap princess


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