A project to remind you to… Be-YOU-tiful!

I’m counting down the days until one of my middle children turns 10 and gets to have her BIG KID BEDROOM MAKEOVER hosted by *drum roll* me and gramma! YAY! It is a tradition in our house to transform the kids room when they turn 10 into a big girl room, I always paint something on the walls really cool, so far its always been zebra print per the kids request, and this one will be too! YAY ME! LOL! anyways, LOOK what I made for Ms. Azlynn’s room make over in October!



WHAT LIL GIRL (or any girl for that matter) wouldn’d LA-LA-LOVE this?! The answer is… not a normal one. LOL! I WANT ONE! ALL MY OTHER GIRLS WANT ONE! So this was super easy too might I add! First I bought this file from the Silhouette store, look up wedding dress and it will be there! There’s also a butterfly version of this too I believe! BUY IT, cut it, and then start hole punching your bling from THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE!



My fave stuff by the way… in case you didn’t know that by now! LOL. Decide how many you need by setting them where you want them to go, peel off the back when your ready and stick it to it!



Then pick a paper for your frame, I picked a DCWV paper cause I just love them so much! This pink one went PERFECT with my daughters room color! Glue your pretty pretty dress to the paper and cut out your saying for the bottom and glue it, I went with BE-YOU-tiful, to remind my girl to always be herself, shes beautiful just being her!

put it in the frame and hang it as soon as possible cause this thing is CUTTTTE!


She doesn’t get to have it hung til her room is done and shes officially 10, so for now, I’m enjoying it on my craft desk 🙂 I promise I will fork it over the minute she turns 10 cause I will have made myself one by then! HAHAHA!

Go pick up a frame, some DCWV cardstock/paper stack, and some BLING from THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE and and hole puncher and some glue and HOP to it! You will have people asking you about this one all day long when they see it hung on the wall!

Don’t forget to check out The Buckle Boutique! No project is complete without their bling I promise you that! I literally use it on everything!

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We might just inspire you to brighten your life with BLING 🙂

As always, Happy crafting!


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