Got bored kids in the car? check this out!

Last year we took a family trip to Missouri, to see my biological mom for the first time as a family. Her coming back into my life in a bigger way then before in the last 5 yrs has been a fun ride, just to watch her grow and become a better person and to see how proud of me she is, despite my rough start of being a teen mom. I am now a married mother of 4 girls ages 2.5, 4.5, 9.5 and 12, own a  house and drive a brand new car, all at the age of 28.. I’m far from perfect, and so is my life.. but I have come a LONG way! We bought our house about 4 yrs ago,  so I was only 24, pregnant with my 4th child, buying a HOUSE and driving a mini van so as you can imagine its been a heck of a ride to get here and it feels to good to reconnect with her and understand why she made the choices she did, and to just feel confident that I made it thru all my trialing times in such a BIG way! Also, I must add here, my dad married an AMAZING woman who raised me as her own and who I am also proud to call my mom, and my biological mom has the GRANDEST respect and love for her for taking on what she couldn’t many years ago!

ANYWAYS enough about me!

On the car ride of 8 long hours, the kids had the Nintendo Ds’s the tablets, the ipods and all that stuff, but it really kept them from interacting with one another, and so I thought, I can fix that for the next time! I mean the technology is great, but it would be great to see them do something else, so I came up with TWO ideas and I’m going to share one with you now and one with you soon! This one is fun! The next one is even more fun! SO this is what I came up with!


You read that right! its a DVD CASE YA’LL! SO basically I took a piece of chipboard (or cardboard) and fit it to the inside of the case, and I glued fabric to it and made a pocket and glued that one as well, to hold markers, colored pencils, pens, dry erase marker and glued it to the inside of the dvd case (yes there’s a reason I said dry erase.. wait for it..)



I would NOT recommend crayons as they could melt allll over if left in the car and make a big ol mess!

this is basically what you need to do it


I even made the paper pad by cutting paper to fit the other side, putting a chip board on the bottom to give it some hardness for them to draw on the paper, hole punched the stack and tied on with ribbon so I can easily add more when this runs out… and the other side of the paper pad…  IS DRY ERASE! EEK!


DCWV is soooo cool! they made this scrapbook paper pack that is dry erase paper! You can cut shapes out of it, I mean come on this stuff is amazing! I cut it to fit the other side of the chip board and stuck it on with some glue and it was a a done project after adding some bling from The Buckle Boutique and a light colored paper to the sleeve of the dvd to give the outside some color, PLUS you can draw on the outside of the case with dry erase marker and it wipes right off! HOW FUN IS THAT!!!!




My kids have been excited to try this one out! They have played tic tac toe, hangman, made up their own games, played the license plate game, they have drawn each other pictures… the possibilities are endless! The technology is cool and all, but I so enjoy hearing the creativity flying in the back seats of my suv!

I can not wait to show you the next one I am doing! But that is all for now 🙂 I hope to see you back here!

What do you think about DCWV dry erase paper stack?! What will you use yours on?! I personally have an endless list of things to do with this stuff! COME BACK to see more of what I do with it and other DCWV product and The Buckle Boutique product!!


Don’t forget to check out The Buckle Boutique! No project is complete without their bling I promise you that! I literally use it on everything!

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We might just inspire you to brighten your life with BLING 🙂

As always, Happy crafting!



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