Chevron Initial Canvas

I have been talking about my daughters room make over, in your your just now catching on, we do a bedroom makeover for our daughters when ever they turn 10, we paint it, and make it a “big girl room” with new stuff and they get a library shelf built to (my kids have SO MANY books). So I have been slowly creating things for our nearest bedroom make over for our daughter Azlynn turning 10 in October! I can not even BELIEVE she turning 10! WOW! Anyways, so I had this canvas, and decided to make something cool for her room!


ITS AMAZING! She GASPED when she saw it! I traced the chevron onto the canvas with a pencil, and then hand painted it, some people would rather tape it and paint, but I like to see where my paint is going, and have a pretty steady hand, so I decided to hand paint it. With tape you never really know what its going to look like til you peel it off. I don’t use it when I paint the kids rooms, and I didn’t use it here!


Once that was dry, I needed a fairly large initial letter, this canvas is like, 22×16 or something, so I just cut it out of a thick cardboard box I had and painted it with a couple layers of paint! I then glued it on with a hot glue gun and mod podge over the canvas and the letter with a matte finish mod podge. I added some flowers with a hot glue gun and a thin line of bling to give it that extra WOW and yes it absolutly WOWS you when you look at it!


SHE LOVES IT! Her room is already on its way to being so amazing!

We are excited!!!

Spoiler alert: I have more blank canvas’s!

Go get your bling from THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE! and FOLLOW THE BLOG to see more projects from the design team! You don’t want to miss one single one! Happy crafting ~ Niki



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5 responses to “Chevron Initial Canvas

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  2. loriapgar

    Looks so pretty Niki! Can’t wait to see what the next canvas looks like!

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