A Little Birdie Told Me…

.. that The Buckle Boutique and DCWV go together like peas and carrots, like peanut butter and jelly, like feet and flip flops and summer time!!

I go to auctions ALOT with my family to find old treasures and to kill time, its always a good time too! Well one time I came across a huge box of birdhouses! Some were super cute, some were just terrible, but I vowed to make over every single one of them and make them into something pretty again! They were sturdy good made bird houses, I couldn’t let them get away or be tossed! So just assume I will be sharing many more bird houses in due time, lol.

back to my daughters room make over for her 10th bday in October, I know I talk about it alot, but its pretty much all I craft for these days! Which is loads of fun! And I’m making sure to have extra fun with it this time since I have a whole 5 year gap til the next group of two kids start getting up to that age! Paizley in 5 years, Azalea in 7 years. So I thought, a made over bird house to hang in the corner with some other hanging things we are working on would be amazing! Here’s what I came up with!



I used the super cool corrugated paper in teal from DCWV, I love working with their products so much I used their self adhesive cork paper for the body of the house in polka dotted teal! And no project is complete without self adhesive bling sheets from The Buckle Boutique!

I used stamps and regular old black ink pad on the cork and I LOVE how it turned out, I will be stamping much more DCWV cork paper!!! I free handed some swirls on the cork with a black journaling marker, which I also LOVE how it came out so I will also be coloring, journaling and doodling on DCWV cork as well in the future!!!

If you haven’t played with the DCWV cork paper, you need to! It comes in many colors and designs and is SELF ADHESIVE! Which made this project sooooo fast and easy! And the cork cuts soooo simply with scissors or x-acto knife too!

Go check out The Buckle Boutique for all you bling needs! Follow the BLOG to never miss a project or a SALE!!!! And GO GET YOUR CORK PAPER!!! You will be entertained for the whole stack!!! Its AMAZING!

As always, HAPPY CRAFTING! Show me your birdhouse make over and stay tuned for more of mine!!!


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