Craft Room Wall Art phase 1

We all see them… those blank letters at the craft store, and we pass by them thinking… I could do SO much with those, but then we wait, til the perfect idea, the perfect word, the perfect wall shows up. Well, I did that anyways. FINALLY I just picked some out. Like an omen, I was walking past them, and somebody had spelled out BUY ME with them, so I was like, surely this is a sign! (Or an excuse to finally buy them and make myself do something with them) I also got the GIANT wooden scissors to go on the wall with these, but I’m saving that project for phase 2 and a craft room make over organization wise. So HERE’S what I did with them using my favorite product EVER… BLING!


If you haven’t gotten yours from The Buckle Boutique… well what are you waiting for?! It’s amazing, life changing stuff I’m telling you!

I used various company’s paper, buttons, ribbons, jute string… you could do soo much with these, but the bling is pretty much a must!

I hope you enjoyed this simple lil bit of create-ivity! (see what I did there?!)

Stick around, follow the blog and check out my fellow design team, ladies over at The Buckle Boutique Blog <—– click here! to see even more GREAT ideas and projects and to never miss a sale! We might just inspire you!

~happy crafting!


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