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Part 1, Operation Minnie Mouse Outfit

Who doesn’t love a lil Minnie Mouse?! My youngest daughter was born on Walt Disney’s birthday so we have a sort of Minnie Mouse theme for her entire life! When I got this ribbon from Red Heart Yarns, it screamed MINNIE MOUSE to me, am I right?! I was a lil nervous crocheting with it cause I had never used it, but seriously its SO EASY! I also HAD to put my fave bling slide on this, from The Buckle Boutique! They seriously making outstanding stuff for an affordable price and if you haven’t found them yet and just did, prepare to fall in loooove! So anyways, I crocheted a basic band for what I’m calling a ruffle butt tutu, its something you would definitely want leggings or pants under it as it is very short but O MY GOSH is it cute or what?!

up up 4

Now here comes the FUN new about this! This is just part ONE! I plan on making  a top for this, and a hair bow and legwarmers also! using all Red Heart Yarns, which are so soft and fun! With Halloween coming up fast I felt like it would be a good idea to show off the start of this project with you all! I am SO EXCITED to get this done for my daughters 3rd birthday in December and will be sure to share with you guys as I move forward with it!

Don’t forget to check out The Buckle Boutique WEBSITE, BLOG and FACEBOOK for all the fun projects and products your cute little face can handle!

And if your living in a hole and haven’t yet worked with Red Heart Yarn… DO IT! I do not have a craft store in my town, and Walmart carries their yarns so its a no brainer to me, and their yarn is so well respected and talked about and I just love it, its my GO-TO yarn for sure!

Happy crafting, blinging, crocheting! I hope to see you back SOON!



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Bling is BOO-TIFUL!

HI! I don’t think I have shared this info here, but I was offered another design team spot on an AMAZING lil company called Kadoodle Bug Designs, you should check them out HERE…. and OF COURSE I HAD TO SAY YES! It’s been just a couple weeks and BOY have I been busy and having loads of FUN!  Now I am on a design team for The Buckle Boutique (about a year now, just over in fact) and just a few weeks with Kadoodle Bug, so plan to see lots of this happening… lol. Example….I decided, the coolest thing ever would be to use both a Kadoodle bug SVG design and BLING from The Buckle Boutique!


I made a vellum envelope for fun and thought, that just reminds me of a ghost! SO I used the SPOOKTACULAR GHOSTS SET 1 from KDB which you can find by clicking those blue letters right there 🙂 THEN I knew I had to add BLING! So I used a strip of purple about 4 rows wide!

On my next card I made these Frankensteins from KDB from the file called SPOOKY FRIENDS <— click here to go buy them! I made them GIRLY which I just LOOOOVE! I used a scrap piece of bling, from THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE, in PINK to really make it girly… EEEEKKKK! I love spooky cute halloween stuff!!!

Well I hope you enjoyed these lil cards as much as I do!

Don’t forget to check out Kadoodle Bug Designs for all your SVG cut needs, they have some serious sales on super cute stuff allllll the time! And as ALWAYS, GO TO THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE and get your bling on!!!! Follow their BLOG, and FACEBOOK to so you never miss a sale or project idea! We might just inspire you 🙂



Niki, the blinging, paper cut princess

DT @ Kadoodle Bug Designs

DT @ The Buckle Boutique

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Raven Claw Manor Haunted House.. but that’s NOT all……

I can not tell you my excitement for this project I am about to show you! LETS JUMP RIGHT IN! I had this svg cut for a 3D haunted house from SVG ATTIC that I have been wanting to use for a while so I cut it out and ran with it!


I added some bats, a spider, a ghost and a one eyed monster all from Kadoodle Bug Designs to REALLY bring this full circle! You can find the files here:

Bats and Spider- (Spider in the Hat svg cut file):

Ghost (spooktacular ghosts set 1)

One Eyed Monster (Fright Night)

I used some scraps of dark red bling I had from The Buckle Boutique to like the awning of the roof to pull in some more red, and the svg cut called for vellum to be used inside to give the illusion of glowing windows when a battery powered tea light was put inside, but I had a better idea! I got a chance to demo the Rowlux Illusion film and so I cut it (yes you can cut it in your die cutter!) and glued it with Beacon Gem Tac Adhesive, that stuff is amazing btw! and I was left with this GLOWING BEAUTY!


I decided to add one more creepy feature before I called it done… I hand cut a creepy guy holding a knife for the side window that only shows when it is lit up!


GAH! Saying I’m in love with this lil haunted house is an understatement! I must apologize that I do not have a better pic of the whole thing lit up, but my local stores were out of the battery powered lites for the inside, probably due to all the pumpkin carving and Halloween decor season! BUT I promise an updated pic when I do find them! I just couldn’t wait to share!

Don’t forget to check out ALL THE SVGS at Kadoodle Bug Designs!

And ALL the BLING STUFF you can handle, on The Buckle Boutique WEBSITE, FACEBOOK and BLOG!

Check out Beacon Adhesives, they have it all, if you need it glued, chances are they have something for that!

Also check out the film I used for the RED GLOW from Rowlux!

I am HONORED to get to work with such amazing people and products daily… I LOVE MY JOB!

HAPPY CRAFTING! Thanks for checking this out and I hope you will show me your Halloween Decor YOU made!

~Niki, the blinging, blogging, paper cutting princess!

DT@ Kadoodle Bug Designs

DT@ The Buckle Boutique

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Girly Skull Poison Bottle Decor

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE decorating for Halloween?! And even more making my own Halloween decor?! I had this Jack Daniels bottle laying around for ever and I finally found the perfect project to do with it!


I used an SVG cut file from Kadoodle Bug Designs called Girly Skull which you can get RIGHT HERE <— (click me, dont be shy!)

I also used my fave self adhesive bling sheets from The Buckle Boutique to add that extra sparkle to it! I used Beacon Adhesive to help me get everything to stick on!

Check out ALL THE SVGS at Kadoodle Bug Designs and FOLLOW the blog of The Buckle Boutique so you never miss a blinged out project!

Don’t forget to follow this blog! And tell your friends! I would love to see what YOUR making for Halloween Decor!!


DT@ The Buckle Boutique

DT@ Kadoodle Bug Designs

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OH The Places You’ll Go… ticket stub memory book

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I save every ticket stub to every movie, demolition derby, window tickets to our fave camping spot, wristbands to the fair, the emergency room visits…. all of it. Its a lil out of control, but I just have to. Its the scrapbooker in me! So I decided to buy this TINY lil binder! Mostly cause it was SO cute, I had no idea what I was doing with it when I bought it honestly, but anything mini you HAVE to buy.. am I right or is it just me?! Anyways… I bought it, it sat for a while, a few gift ideas came and went, I thought the person receiving this couldn’t POSSIBLY enjoy it’s tiny-ness more then me. SO I got a light bulb moment one day and made a lil place to teeny-tiny scrapbook these stubs and wristbands!!! I thought.. what better theme to do then a Dr. Suess OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO theme! Well here’s the out come!

suess1 suess6suess3

I am MORE then pleased with it! I will share it with you again once I fill it up! which shouldn’t take me long since I seriously have a shoebox over flowing! I plan to journal a tiny bit ( I mean really thats all you can do with such a small cute binder!) about what we did, when, where, with who ect..

You can see I added the BLACK bling from The Buckle Boutique, and OMG I AM IN LOVE, I was if-y on it at first but it really brought this one home for me! I used it on the binding as well as front!

GO CHECK OUT THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE! and follow their BLOG HERE! so you never miss a sale or a great project! We might just inspire you 🙂

Happy crafting!

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You Make My Heart SING… with bling :)

I love to scrapbook. Its my original craft love! Its where I really started crafting and playing with my creativity and then it quickly bloomed into an obsession! I now have a room, well more like half a basement dedicated to all things crafty! I just wanted to make a quick lil post to show that bling from The Buckle Boutique really is so amazing you can put it on ANYTHING!



TOO CUTE, am I right?! I went with a simple, yet elegant color scheme and kept it simple, but just adding a tiny bit of self adhesive bling sheet scraps I had left over really brought this one full circle for me!

I also used my new fave adhesive on this layout from BEACON ADHESIVES, their scrapbook glue! It doesn’t wrinkle even the thinnest paper as it dries which is AMAZING and it dries fast and clear and doesnt get all over when your working with it! If you haven’t tried it, any of their glues, you need to cause I am now strictly using and buying their glues, all of the variations cause they ROCK! All of them work OUTSTANDING!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this lil scrapbook page! Be sure to check out Beacon Adhesives and The Buckle Boutique for all your blinging and gluing needs!


Happy scrapping, blinging and gluing!


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