OH The Places You’ll Go… ticket stub memory book

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I save every ticket stub to every movie, demolition derby, window tickets to our fave camping spot, wristbands to the fair, the emergency room visits…. all of it. Its a lil out of control, but I just have to. Its the scrapbooker in me! So I decided to buy this TINY lil binder! Mostly cause it was SO cute, I had no idea what I was doing with it when I bought it honestly, but anything mini you HAVE to buy.. am I right or is it just me?! Anyways… I bought it, it sat for a while, a few gift ideas came and went, I thought the person receiving this couldn’t POSSIBLY enjoy it’s tiny-ness more then me. SO I got a light bulb moment one day and made a lil place to teeny-tiny scrapbook these stubs and wristbands!!! I thought.. what better theme to do then a Dr. Suess OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO theme! Well here’s the out come!

suess1 suess6suess3

I am MORE then pleased with it! I will share it with you again once I fill it up! which shouldn’t take me long since I seriously have a shoebox over flowing! I plan to journal a tiny bit ( I mean really thats all you can do with such a small cute binder!) about what we did, when, where, with who ect..

You can see I added the BLACK bling from The Buckle Boutique, and OMG I AM IN LOVE, I was if-y on it at first but it really brought this one home for me! I used it on the binding as well as front!

GO CHECK OUT THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE! and follow their BLOG HERE! so you never miss a sale or a great project! We might just inspire you 🙂

Happy crafting!


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