Framed Art With A 3-d POP to it!

As I’m sure you all have read on many of my blog posts, for all of our daughters 10th birthdays we do a big girl room makeover! We paint, we decorate, we get new bedding… well in October, I have number 2 of 4! So I have been randomly doing little projects for her room. She saw this scrapbook paper and just BEGGED me to frame a section of it cause she LOVED it so much, so we got the frame, cut it to fit and popped it behind the glass, then got a GREAT idea to make it a tad more interesting with a lil 3-d pop!


I had left over egg carton flowers (yes I will share this project soon and tell you all about how to make them!) from another project, so we decided to glue that onto the frame to work into the design and add a lil bling in the center!

Go check out THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE to get pretty much any kind of bling you can think of! And look them up on all your social media to follow along and never miss a sale or a project from my fellow design team members!

Happy crafting!


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