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Say HELLO to a Pretty Kitty Headwrap Earwarmer! Don’t forget the BLING!

So first of all I want to say HELLO to all my readers! I have not been on here in two whole months! In December I had a pretty major spine surgery and so I have just been recovering and taking it easy. It has been very hard but I am slowly but surely getting back into crafting.

While I was recovering in a hospital bed in my living room (since my craft room is 14 steps down to the basement, and oh yes I am having withdraws from my beautiful pink craft space) I decided to teach myself to crochet! Thank you internet! LOL! For real guys, if you have always wanted to learn to crochet… what are you waiting for?! It is awesome! I’m officially hooked (pun intended LOL)! The internet is AMAZING! SO if you do not know how to crochet, open a new tab, go to youtube, get some yarn and a medium hook ( I suggest an I or H for learning on) and LOOK UP how to crochet for beginners, then come back to this page, and go get the pattern for this amazing crochet piece and make it, then come back to me and show me what you came up with!

My paper crafting will have to learn to share me with crochet for sure.. its amazing! So since January 9th, I have made SO many things, hats, headband, ear warmers, leg warmers, purses, jewelry, the list goes on and on! Okay now I’m rambling and maybe even bragging a little! LOL

SO you either know how to crochet or you just learned via my advice above and youtube.. your welcome btw ­čÖé and now you HAVE to go get this pattern! GO GO GO! Its adorable and its FREE! I would like to give credit to the designer, she is amazing and has so many crochet patterns on her blog, they are free! You can find the pattern on her blog right HERE <—- CLICK ME!!!!!

SO that was easy right?! I love it! I mean this came together SO fast and all the kids at my daughters schools are all over my kids about how adorable it is! I have parents calling me and people stopping me in the store to ask where I got it! Imagine how proud I am when I get to say I MADE THIS! And spread the word about the blog I found it on! I’m a fan, and I really hope the owner of this blog gets to see this and hear me go on and on and ON about how much I love her stuff, cause I really do! Go visit her! Tell her I sent you!

As you all know, I LOVE BLING! I mean I gotta have it, cant live with out it! So you can see that on the bow I added an adorable bling slide From The Buckle Boutique in the center of the bow, which seriously took me like 2 seconds and brings it to a whole new level of BAM BABY! LOOK AT THIS HEADWRAP! IM KEEPIN MY EARS WARM IN STYLE!

And did I mention these little bling slides are SO not expensive on The Buckle Boutique Site! CLICK HERE and go buy your now and take a look around! I work with their SELF ADHESIVE RESIN SHEETS all the time, this was my first time working with the slides and I’m IN LOVE!

I want a CASE of them! I NEED THEM! I have so many other things I used them on since I started crocheting just 6 weeks ago, so definatly┬ástay tuned to my blog and The Buckle Boutique Blog to see what I came up with and to see how to BLING UP YOUR LIFE! PUT A LIL SPARKLE IN YOUR LIFE! There’s no such thing as too much bling!


Well as always, thanks for visiting me! I will be around more often now that I’m feeling up to it! Thank you to everybody who sent me well wishes and get well cards! It means more to me then you know! I love you all!

Don’t forget to follow The Buckle Boutique Blog HERE! Come meet our DESIGN TEAM MEMEBERS HERE! All the girls have amazing projects to show off all the time! PLUS there’s a sale right now on PINK OMBRE SELF ADHESIVE RESIN SHEETS and I think quanities are limited so go check the site out! Follow us! We would love to hear from you and see what your doing with your bling!

HAPPY CRAFTING~ Niki the scrap princess ­čÖé


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