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DIY Side Lamp Decor using Illusion Film & BLING and paper.. oh yes it can be done!

When I received the Rolux Illusion Film I was soooo excited to play with it, and I’ll admit it, a lil intimidated! But I knew from the first moment I HAD to make a lamp out of this stuff!

well…here’s what I made!


I bought this SVG file of 3D onjects that had a lamp in it,┬ábut I think the site shut down cause I can no longer find it (if you find it, pleas elet me know cause I searced all over to see if I could find!)! I’ve had it about a year, but I’m SURE you can find an SVG cut out for a lamp similar to this!

I set it all up to cut on my Cameo, made sure my mat was plenty new and sticky and put it to the deepest blade setting and cut away at the pieces I needed made out of the film! It did have to be sort of popped out by hand but the blade did a good enough job that it was really simple to pop it out, and my blade is a year old! I decided to do just TWO of the sides in the film and the rest of the lamp is cardstock!

Once everything was cut out I used hot glue gun to glue the pieces together so the film would stick to the cardstock pieces and so it would go together pretty fast. I also cut out a layered flower and…. are you ready for the exciting part?!

I USED MY EMBOSSING HEAT GUN to heat up the layers one by one and watches it shrivel up and take shape! SO COOL! I was on top of the world with the results! It was so fast and easy and PERFECT to make this flower take on a 3D look and make it PERFECT for this project, and many others, you will see me use this time and time again in future blog posts! STAY TUNED! Anyways, I tinkered with ribbon and bling and a lil metal pendant I had with “You are my sunshine” engraved on it and once it looked perfect for what I was going for.. I just hot glued everything onto it and ran thru the house to show everybody what I had made! My daughters OOO’ed and AHHH’ed!


Now keep in mind you will want to use a battery powered tea light with no actual flame on this lamp, for obvious safety reasons, but who wouldn’t love this?!

You totally NEED to check out the Rolux illusion film, the possibilities are ENDLESS! I can’t wait to show you what else I have in store for this stuff! I can’t wait to get my hands on more! And of course, you can’t forget the bling from The Buckle Boutique, no project is complete without it! Even the little bit I added to this, POW! Perfect!


I might later add in a step by step to show you the heating of the film, even tho its literally that easy, just to show you how it reacts and how easy it really is! And to show you what else Im doing with the heat applied flowers made of the Rolux Film! I hope you enjoyed my little project! Follow the blog for more to come! I hope you come back! You should also check out The Buckle Boutique Blog HERE, and never miss a design team project, these ladies are AMAZING!

Happy CRAFTING! ~Niki the scrap princess


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Craft Room Wall Art phase 1

We all see them… those blank letters at the craft store, and we pass by them thinking… I could do SO much with those, but then we wait, til the perfect idea, the perfect word, the perfect wall shows up. Well, I did that anyways. FINALLY I just picked some out. Like an omen, I was walking past them, and somebody had spelled out BUY ME with them, so I was like, surely this is a sign! (Or an excuse to finally buy them and make myself do something with them) I also got the GIANT wooden scissors to go on the wall with these, but I’m saving that project for phase 2 and a craft room make over organization wise. So HERE’S what I did with them using my favorite product EVER… BLING!


If you haven’t gotten yours from The Buckle Boutique… well what are you waiting for?! It’s amazing, life changing stuff I’m telling you!

I used various company’s paper, buttons, ribbons, jute string… you could do soo much with these, but the bling is pretty much a must!

I hope you enjoyed this simple lil bit of create-ivity! (see what I did there?!)

Stick around, follow the blog and check out my fellow design team, ladies over at The Buckle Boutique Blog <—– click here! to see even more GREAT ideas and projects and to never miss a sale! We might just inspire you!

~happy crafting!

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