Part 1, Operation Minnie Mouse Outfit

Who doesn’t love a lil Minnie Mouse?! My youngest daughter was born on Walt Disney’s birthday so we have a sort of Minnie Mouse theme for her entire life! When I got this ribbon from Red Heart Yarns, it screamed MINNIE MOUSE to me, am I right?! I was a lil nervous crocheting with it cause I had never used it, but seriously its SO EASY! I also HAD to put my fave bling slide on this, from The Buckle Boutique! They seriously making outstanding stuff for an affordable price and if you haven’t found them yet and just did, prepare to fall in loooove! So anyways, I crocheted a basic band for what I’m calling a ruffle butt tutu, its something you would definitely want leggings or pants under it as it is very short but O MY GOSH is it cute or what?!

up up 4

Now here comes the FUN new about this! This is just part ONE! I plan on making  a top for this, and a hair bow and legwarmers also! using all Red Heart Yarns, which are so soft and fun! With Halloween coming up fast I felt like it would be a good idea to show off the start of this project with you all! I am SO EXCITED to get this done for my daughters 3rd birthday in December and will be sure to share with you guys as I move forward with it!

Don’t forget to check out The Buckle Boutique WEBSITE, BLOG and FACEBOOK for all the fun projects and products your cute little face can handle!

And if your living in a hole and haven’t yet worked with Red Heart Yarn… DO IT! I do not have a craft store in my town, and Walmart carries their yarns so its a no brainer to me, and their yarn is so well respected and talked about and I just love it, its my GO-TO yarn for sure!

Happy crafting, blinging, crocheting! I hope to see you back SOON!



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